The SuperrolloMovies Timeline.


-Darwin is born (Several Species)            -Location: Dustlands


-Mr. Wise is born'                            -Location: Red County


-Belli is born (Several Species)             -Location: South Forest


-Belli and Darwin meet and become friends    '-Location: South Forest


-Steven Phillips is born                     '-Location: Los Santos


-The Mayor is born (Several Species)         -Location: Cooper City


-Sale is born                                -Location: Slovenia

-Jyll is born (Several Species)              -Location: Blue Ocean


-Barney Trapman is born                      -Location: Cooper City

-Jyll joins the group of Darwin and Belli    -Location: South Forest


-Commander Rosh is born (Several Species)    -Location: Liberty City


-Comron is born                              -Location: United Kingdom

-The Mayor joins politics                    -Location: Shape City


-Jim (Another Galaxy) is born                -Location: Mercury City

-Tanisha Martinez is born                    -Location: Liberty City


-Rollo is born                               -Location: The Netherlands


-Sean Martinez is born                       -Location: Liberty City

-Mace is born                                -Location: Los Santos

-Nub is born                                 -Location: Circ Island


-Tyler is born (Several Species)             -Location: Shape City


-Vic Phillips is born (Son of Steven Phillips) -Location: Los Santos


-Jeff is born                                 -Location: San Fierro


-Tupac Amaru Shakur dies (age 25)             -Location: Las Vegas


-Jyll, Darwin and Belli find a cave in the South Forest and decide to live there, away from all humans           -Location: South Forest


-Sean Martinez joins the CIA (age 17)            -Location: Liberty City

-Nub joins Jyll, Darwin and Belli in their cave  -Location: South Forest


-Commander Rosh joins the army (age 24)          -Location: Liberty City


-Rollo and Comron meet, the Red Bullet Clan is created   -Location: Los Santos

-Mace joins the Red Bullet Clan                          -Location: Los Santos


-"Our Chair" is created                                  -Location: Mercury City

-The Events of Noch Einen Stuhl occur                    -Location: Mercury City

-Rollo and Sale discover their first myth: Bigfoot       -Location: Flint Country

-Leatherface is found 'by Rollo and Sale                 -Location: Red County

-The first zombie victim falls (Fred) (age 20)           -Location: San Fierro

-San Andreas is warned for Piggsy                        -Location: Mount Chilliad

-San Andreas suffers from a flood, in 2 days it's all gone though    -Location: San Andreas

-Coco is born (Several Species), and joins Darwin, Nub, Belli and Jyll in their cave.           -Location: South Forest


-Rollo and Sale disappear                                      -Location: Hell

-Jeff finds Rollo and Sale and joins their team                -Location: Los Santos

-More and more zombie sightings                                -Location: San Andreas

-A big fire breaks out in Los Santos                           -Los Santos

-Mr. Wise disappears during a fight with Leatherface (age 68)  -Flint Country

-Commander Rosh is promoted to Commander (age 28)              -Bone County


-Mus is born                                    -Shape City

-More and more victims fall by the hands of Piggsy, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface             -San Andreas

-Sale gets in a coma while fighting Jason Voorhees (age 31)       -Red County

-Jason Voorhees dies             -Red County

-Mus stays inside            -Shape City

-Yeti was found by Rollo and Jeff            -Mount chilliad

-Dr. Shuntbergen is caught in the act of murdering patients         -Red County
-The Mayor is elected Mayor of Shape city              -Shape City


-The first Superrollo Show is aired                      -Shape City

-Mus goes to England                      -United Kingdom

-Barney Trapman and Jim disappear from their office          -Mercury City

-Paco gets killed by Tha Killah (age 43)              -Los Santos

-Mr. Wise returns                  -Mount Chilliad

-Rollo stabs Dr. Shuntbergen in the face, making him blind     -Red County

-Sean Martinez leaves the CIA to become a street cop          -Los Santos

-Belli is killed by Commander Rosh (age 60)              -South Forest


-Knaapjegast sees a dog                        -Glowflower Field

-Mus and Kukel murder a group of people in a building    -Shape City

-The Fake 2pac dies (age 25)                          -Las Venturas

-The Events of Noch Einen Stuhl 2 occur            -Mercury City

-The Chair gets destroyed & repaired and shipped off to a store     -Shape City


-Tanisha Martinez gets murdered by Steven Phillips during a robbery (age 29)    -Los Santos

-Sean Martinez gets fired from the police force for going after the murderer of his sister     -Los Santos

-Steven Phillips gets killed by Sean Martinez (age 53)         -San Fierro

-Mus goes by car              -Shape City

-Sean Martinez becomes a wanted high-risk murderer          -San Andreas

-Vic Phillips is thrown off the roof of Sean's appartment by Sean Martinez and dies (age 21)          -Los Santos

-Commander Rosh throws The Mayor off a bridge (age 50)      -Shape City

-Mus gets sucked in the vacuum cleaner, scarring him for life (age 3)     -Shape City


-Sale awakes from his coma (age 35)                -Bone County

-Dr. Shuntbergen vanishes in his exploding lab     -Bone County

-The Zombies break out in San Andreas and the epidemic starts     -San Andreas

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