San Andreas Mythbusters

The San Andreas Mythbusters are a group of friends started by Rollo and Sale in 1994 (although the video was made in 2007) It is based upon fictional myths in the fictional state of San Andreas. San Andreas originated from the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Rollo plays himself in the game. Rollo is a normal guy, and gets bored quite a lot. He used to be in the gang called The RBC (Red Bullet Clan) which died out when he was around 18. One of the last survivng members, along with his best friend Sale, started to bust myths. Although the characters in the series act like they are real, some rare scenes involve them mentioning they are in a game. The third mythbuster, Jeff, comes later on in the series. He appears in Season 2 Episode 1, revealing he saved Rollo and Sale's lives. Rollo isn't keen on Jeff at first, with Jeff painting Rollo's car all sorts of the worst colours imaginable. On one occasion, Jeff got the colour right but drove the car off a cliff! You may call him stupid, but he has a good heart, and a brain of a 7 year old!Edit

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