Brutus in the first episode.

Brutus is, how Rollo says, a moron. The 2 series he is in have him dying in nearly every episode. He is not a game character, but is drawn normally. Sometimes he can be compared to Kenny from the South Park series, as he is poorly drawn and dies al the time. He is also voiced by Andrei, who has voiced a lot of videos on the SuperrolloMovies account. The one time where it seems like he didn't die is in the episode 'The Clown' where all of his skin falls off after falling from the sky when his balloon popped mid-air. He was alive but basicaly he would have died later on. Also, in the 'Cooking' episode, a man shoots Brutus and declares "What? He's supposed to die in every episode, right?

Whatever death he has, it will always be entertaining!

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